Holdings as of: 12/12/2019

Name Ticker CUSIP Shares Market Value % of Net Assets
STORE CAP CORP STOR 862121100 66,247 $2,477,637.80 8.18%
REALTY INCOME CORP O 756109104 33,891 $2,478,787.74 8.18%
VEREIT INC VER 92339V100 256,564 $2,352,691.88 7.76%
NATIONAL RETAIL PPTYS INC NNN 637417106 44,550 $2,314,372.50 7.64%
W P CAREY INC WPC 92936U109 27,856 $2,160,232.80 7.13%
ESSENTIAL PPTYS RLTY TR INC EPRT 29670E107 55,074 $1,349,863.74 4.45%
STAG INDL INC STAG 85254J102 43,010 $1,307,073.90 4.31%
SPIRIT RLTY CAP INC NEW SRC 84860W300 26,089 $1,296,623.30 4.28%
GLOBAL NET LEASE INC GNL 379378201 65,211 $1,295,090.46 4.27%
LEXINGTON REALTY TRUST LXP 529043101 120,380 $1,271,212.80 4.20%
GETTY RLTY CORP NEW GTY 374297109 38,686 $1,261,550.46 4.16%
VICI PPTYS INC VICI 925652109 49,386 $1,217,364.90 4.02%
INDUSTRIAL LOGISTICS PPTYS TR COM SHS BEN INT ILPT 456237106 58,473 $1,191,095.01 3.93%
AGREE REALTY CORP ADC 008492100 16,746 $1,163,847.00 3.84%
GAMING & LEISURE PPTYS INC GLPI 36467J108 27,975 $1,147,254.75 3.79%
EPR PPTYS EPR 26884U109 15,984 $1,087,551.36 3.59%
INNOVATIVE INDL PPTYS INC IIPR 45781V101 12,997 $957,229.05 3.16%
GLADSTONE COML CORP GOOD 376536108 37,676 $840,174.80 2.77%
SAFEHOLD INC SAFE 78645L100 19,553 $779,187.05 2.57%
MGM GROWTH PPTYS LLC MGP 55303A105 26,076 $758,029.32 2.50%
ONE LIBERTY PPTYS INC OLP 682406103 22,084 $611,505.96 2.02%
FOUR CORNERS PPTY TR INC FCPT 35086T109 18,778 $505,315.98 1.67%
MONMOUTH REAL ESTATE INVT CORP CL A MNR 609720107 29,008 $431,058.88 1.42%
Cash & Other Cash&Other Cash&Other 45,975 $45,974.71 0.15%

Fund holdings and sector allocations are subject to change at any time and should not be considered recommendations to buy or sell any security.

Fundamental Income Net Lease Real Estate Index: The Fundamental Income Net Lease Real Estate Index (NETLXT) is a rules based, passive index that, for the first time, defines and tracks the performance of the rapidly expanding net lease real estate sector in a diversified manner.

It is not possible to invest directly in an index.

Exchange Traded Concepts, LLC serves as the investment advisor. Fundamental Income serves as the index provider. The Funds are distributed by Quasar Distributors, LLC which is not affiliated with Fundamental Income, Exchange Traded Concepts, LLC or any of their affiliates.

The Funds' investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses must be considered carefully before investing. The prospectus contains this and other important information about the investment company and may be obtained by clicking here. Please read it carefully before investing. A free, hard-copy of the prospectus can also be requested by calling 1-800-617-0004.

Investments involve risk. Principal loss is possible. The fund may trade at a premium or discount to NAV. Shares of any ETF are bought and sold at market price (not NAV) and are not individually redeemed from the Fund. Brokerage commissions will reduce returns. The Index, and consequently the Fund, is expected to concentrate its investments in real estate companies. As a result, the value of the Fund’s shares may rise and fall more than the value of shares of a fund that invests in securities of companies in a broader range of industries.

Investments in real estate companies and REITs involve unique risks, including limited financial resources, they may trade less frequently and in limited volume, and they may be more volatile than other securities. In addition, securities in the real estate sector are subject to certain risks associated with direct ownership of real estate and the risk that the value of their underlying real estate may go down. Companies in the Net Lease Real Estate sector may be affected by unique factors related to leasing properties to single tenants including dependence on the financial performance of its’ tenants and lease terms related to rent escalations based on economic measurements. The fund may invest in foreign securities which involves political, economic and currency risks, differences in accounting methods and greater volatility. Investments in small and mid-sized companies have historically been subject to greater investment risk than large company stocks.


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